R e p e r t o i r e


J.S Bach / A. Marcello

- Oboe concerto in d minor

A. Soler 

- Concerto for two organs n°6 in D Major

JS. Bach

- Concerto BWV 1056 for cembalo in f minor

- Motet "Jesu, meine Freude" Extracts

- Concerto BWV 1061a for two harpsichords in C 

A. Piazzolla

- Le grand tango

- Fuga y Misterio

- Preludio 9

- Adios Nonio

I. Stravinsky

- Tango for two pianos

- Madrid for two pianos

- Infernal danse of  king Katschei, from the Firebird suite (1919)

N. Kapustin

- Paraphrase on Dizzy Gillespie's Manteca for two pianos

Original music for piano and accordion ​

T. Ishiyanagi - Before darkness appears


U. Rojko - Fünf Tangos

J. Padros - Policromies

K. Harada - F-Fragments

H. Lee - Imaginary Garden V

N. Von Ritter - Protocoles contradictoires (commande du duo avec le soutien de la fondation Nicati Deluze​)

M. Kagel - Unguis Incarnatus Est

G. Katzer - Ertastete Räume